Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! Here are  my thrifty costumes from the last two years. The first is Catwoman. I made the jacket and cowl myself. I already had the boots and leggings, so all I had to purchase were the goggles, whip (which was fun to go into a store and buy… not), and the belt (on clearance!), I spent maybe $30 (The goggles were expensive, but are awesome, and I will be using them for snow boarding when I move to Oregon… so it was still a good deal).

This year I wasn’t planning on dressing up until last minute, so I just used what I had: the same boots and leggings from last year’s costume, a long white button down, the belt that came with the shirt, a scarf, jewelry, and my fiance’s awesome wooden pirate sword. It was quick and easy costume, and looked pretty good! (Not as awesome in the pictures. I wish you could’ve seen my cameo necklace, and how far the scarf hung down my back, but overall, it was pretty good!)

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