Another quick update!

Hello world. I promise I have not forgotten about you. I am finished moving out of my apartment, and am making a pit stop at my parent’s house, to spend Easter with them and to pick up my puppy (and by pit stop, I mean an entirely different direction, but I am here regardless). So for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of pictures of my pets being cute. I’ll update this for real when I arrive at my new home (hopefully by the beginning of next week)!
Photo02171753Snapshot_20130116_5 Photo12261214_1 100_1378 Photo03192112 Photo08092253_1 Spice Photo02231037 Photo12260012


Just a quick update. I am in the process of moving, so though I’ve still been trying to make things to show you, I am very busy with packing. So if you don’t hear from me for a few days that’s why. I will be officially moved in like 2 weeks, so I’ll try to get an update in there sometime before then, but I make no promises. Check in, though!


So I know that I just posted tonight, but I made this bracelet that I wanted to show you. It’s pretty sweet. I’m still going with pretty simple designs while I play around with different things. Eventually I plan to make my designs a little more intricate, but for now this is what I’m doing. Like the earrings, I made the chain, and I also made the clasp with the same wire.
102_1368 102_1361 102_1359

Awesome finds!

I just wanted to share my awesome new supplies! I had a lot of fun finding these. I got some super good deals at the antique store, the hardware store and Hobby Lobby. So be jealous, here’s what I found!:
These keys and little vials were at the antique store:
102_1353 102_1349
Some of my Hobby Lobby findings (look at the sweet crochet hook. It’s wood! I can’t take the texture on the metal ones, so I got this one, which is way more awesome anyway):
102_1350 102_1355
And these were from the hardware store:
As you saw in the first picture, there were a few more things (even some not in the first picture), but… these were the only things I photographed, so…

I made some earrings.

So, I thought I’d quickly post about what I made tonight. They’re earrings, in case you didn’t see the title. Yeah, so they look super simple, and really they were, but they were slightly more difficult than they look.
I had an idea to do something like this, so I went to the store to buy chain, and they had nothing like what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own chain. They did, however, have these super cool gears and earring hooks, so I bought those, but I did make the chain, and I’ll show you how.
102_1338 102_1341
I used 20 gauge wire, but I would suggest starting with something a little thicker to practice. I just wrapped it around an allen wrench, because you’ll get a precise size, which is nice. Then…

102_1342 102_1343
You just start cutting straight into the coil, until they are all jump rings.
Start connecting them. I like to use a pair of nylon pliers like these: to close the loops, because it doesn’t leave any nicks or dents.

Then you can make cool stuff like these fun steampunk earrings!:
102_1346 102_1345

Okay, that’s all. Good night.


Hey, so just a quick post. Here are a couple of scarves I made. One of them I made for my fiance, and actually started it about 2 1/2 years ago, but was in school and busy… and maybe perhaps forgot… a little. The point is, it’s done. It is crocheted, and my stitches are very very tight, so it’s actually 30 stitches across (single stitched), but it looks smaller. It ended up being 73″ long, which is awesome. I love long scarves. I didn’t make Tommy model his scarf for you, so it’s on me. It does fit him though, and he loves. it.
Snapshot_20130312_5 Snapshot_20130312_6

The second scarf I just threw together in like 3 minutes… Maybe 5.  It is an infinity scarf, and I really loved this fabric, so I made something I thought I would wear on a regular basis. I also like that it has the look to be worn everyday or pair with a cute steampunk outfit. I literally just cut it in half and sewed the edges together. I didn’t even hem it, because the edges curled up nicely, and I like the look of the raw edge.
Snapshot_20130312 Snapshot_20130312_1
Hope you like them. 🙂
I have arm warmers in the making, so if I ever decide on a pattern that I like, I may actually finish a pair (I have 2 singles so far… we’ll see!).

Steampunk Skirt 1.0

Okay! I finished my skirt. There are definitely things I will do different next time… (like using different colors, lining it, etc) but it turned out pretty well. Here are a couple of pictures… sorry, they’re not in the best shape. The picture of the back didn’t turn out well, so… I don’t have one. Sorry. I didn’t use the best camera to take these. And yes, in the forth picture you will notice that I did cut up a pair of underwear that were too big (yay for losing inches around the mid section!) and use the elastic.

102_1240 102_1244 102_1247 102_1261 102_1265 102_1264 102_1268 102_1269

New belt!

Here is my latest project. I made a belt! It’s out of scrap leather, so it looks rough, but that was kind of the point.
I have people who live under me, so I didn’t use a hammer and nail, which would’ve been way easier, instead I used a like… a scrap book hole puncher thingy to mark where I was going to put the holes, then I used a screw and screw driver to get them pretty well through. Then back to the hole puncher, then I used an allen wrenches to size up the holes and make them round. Other materials were rivets, a block of wood, a hammer, pliers, and a belt buckle. It took about an hour, and now my fingers hurt, but it was fun!
Here’s what it looks like! (Oh, also, I haven’t quite finished with the holes… I needed a break)
102_1237 102_1238 102_1235