New belt!

Here is my latest project. I made a belt! It’s out of scrap leather, so it looks rough, but that was kind of the point.
I have people who live under me, so I didn’t use a hammer and nail, which would’ve been way easier, instead I used a like… a scrap book hole puncher thingy to mark where I was going to put the holes, then I used a screw and screw driver to get them pretty well through. Then back to the hole puncher, then I used an allen wrenches to size up the holes and make them round. Other materials were rivets, a block of wood, a hammer, pliers, and a belt buckle. It took about an hour, and now my fingers hurt, but it was fun!
Here’s what it looks like! (Oh, also, I haven’t quite finished with the holes… I needed a break)
102_1237 102_1238 102_1235

Published by emmkripp

My name is Emily. I have many hobbies, such as sewing, jewelry making, photography, and crocheting. Most of the things I make are heavily influenced by nerd culture (cosplay, steampunk, video games, anime, etc.) I also have two beautiful cats, Leo and Isis, and an adorable dog named Ava. I am the writer and creator of web-comic My husband, Tommy Krippes, handles the art side of things. You can view his personal art at Follow me on Instagram @emmkripp

2 thoughts on “New belt!

    1. It was from Hobby Lobby. You can buy small bags of scrap leather from like $2.99-$6.99. Most of it is just leather cord pieces, but some bags will have larger pieces. I think this was a $2.99 bag, because I’m cheap… I mean thrifty.

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