Awesome finds!

I just wanted to share my awesome new supplies! I had a lot of fun finding these. I got some super good deals at the antique store, the hardware store and Hobby Lobby. So be jealous, here’s what I found!:
These keys and little vials were at the antique store:
102_1353 102_1349
Some of my Hobby Lobby findings (look at the sweet crochet hook. It’s wood! I can’t take the texture on the metal ones, so I got this one, which is way more awesome anyway):
102_1350 102_1355
And these were from the hardware store:
As you saw in the first picture, there were a few more things (even some not in the first picture), but… these were the only things I photographed, so…

2 thoughts on “Awesome finds!

  1. Mom says:

    I see you were able to acquire the glass vials.

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