Craft Night!

Today my fiance and I got to see one of our friend’s from Kansas, and her husband. We had a fantastic time, it was really great to see her! While we were there she  taught me how to make these adorable wool figures! It was actually pretty easy, and quite a lot of fun.
I made my cat, Leo. Here’s how he turned out:
Tiny Wool Leo Cute wool Leo Wool Leo side 2 Wool Leo side Wool Leo

Published by emmkripp

My name is Emily. I have many hobbies, such as sewing, jewelry making, photography, and crocheting. Most of the things I make are heavily influenced by nerd culture (cosplay, steampunk, video games, anime, etc.) I also have two beautiful cats, Leo and Isis, and an adorable dog named Ava. I am the writer and creator of web-comic My husband, Tommy Krippes, handles the art side of things. You can view his personal art at Follow me on Instagram @emmkripp

4 thoughts on “Craft Night!

    1. I have too! Really, it was incredibly easy to learn. I’m not good enough at it to do a tutorial at the moment, but if you look up “wool felting tutorials” on youtube, there are a lot of really helpful videos!

  1. He’s almost as adorable as his inspiration! And you are very talented. You probably get that from your mom. 🙂

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