Craft Night!

Today my fiance and I got to see one of our friend’s from Kansas, and her husband. We had a fantastic time, it was really great to see her! While we were there she  taught me how to make these adorable wool figures! It was actually pretty easy, and quite a lot of fun.
I made my cat, Leo. Here’s how he turned out:
Tiny Wool Leo Cute wool Leo Wool Leo side 2 Wool Leo side Wool Leo

Another quick update!

Hello world. I promise I have not forgotten about you. I am finished moving out of my apartment, and am making a pit stop at my parent’s house, to spend Easter with them and to pick up my puppy (and by pit stop, I mean an entirely different direction, but I am here regardless). So for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of pictures of my pets being cute. I’ll update this for real when I arrive at my new home (hopefully by the beginning of next week)!
Photo02171753Snapshot_20130116_5 Photo12261214_1 100_1378 Photo03192112 Photo08092253_1 Spice Photo02231037 Photo12260012