Jonathan’s Art

So you see my art and crafts all of the time, so today I wanted to show off my big brother’s creations!
Jonathan is a chef, but in his free time he loves creating unique pieces. Including, boxes, jewelry stands, jewelry, paintings, and carvings.
Sorry about the quality, these are all cellphone photos (like, flip phone, not iphone), but I hope you enjoy them!

This first piece is a potato box, that he made for someone. It has a matching recipe box, but I didn’t get a photo that piece.
130806_001 Potato Box

This face is carved  and painted. (This is for sale, for $85. Please let me know in the comments if you’re interested!)

These are earrings, which are almost finished (just missing earring hooks). They are amazing! (These are also for sale, at $20 each!)

Leaf Earring Set Earring Sets Metal Leaf Earring Metal Leaf Earrings

This last piece is a jewelry tree (or just a piece of art). I don’t remember the exact dimensions, but it is quite large. (Also for sale for $300)

Jewelry Tree Leaf Jewelry Tree Jewelry Tree Jewelry Tree

I hope you enjoy these!

I’m learning how to knit!

Okay, so this is what I have so far. I have learned, so far, how to cast on and do just the basic stitch. It’s a… washcloth, or something. We’ll see. I have had a difficult time figuring this out, I’ve watched a ton of videos, and have combined a lot of their techniques. Also, most of the videos I saw, they used the knitting “lingo”, which I don’t know yet, so once I get the hang of this, I think I want to make a tutorial video for beginners, and hopefully it will be easy to understand! Please do correct me, if you find a video that is simple to use! I would love to watch one!
Anyway, here’s what I have so far, flaws and all (again, sorry about the picture quality, I’m having camera issues today, and I’ll hopefully get that sorted out soon):
Learning to knit!